Frequently Asked Questions

Help From Town Officers…

What are the Office Hours when I can see Town Officers?

Town Hall offices are open Monday evening from 7-9, and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1-5. Refer to the Contact Page for more detailed information about reaching individual officers.

What should I check with the Town Clerk for?

Currently in Edgecomb, Claudia Coffin is Town Clerk, Treasurer and Registrar. So, this is where you will apply for marriage, dog, inland fishing and shellfish licenses.

 As Treasurer, she collects any liens you owe the town.

 As Registrar, she also registers voters and their party affiliations, as well as issuing absentee ballouts.

 And finally, the Town Clerk issues vital records as well as genealogy information.

What would I see the Tax Collector for?

The Tax Collector issues boat and vehicle registrations.

When you register your vehicle, remember to bring proof of current insurance, current mileage of the vehicle, plus your old registration. For a vehicle purchased from a dealer, you will also need the invoice, title application, and the window sticker (if it is a new vehicle).  For a vehicle acquired through a private sale, in addition to mileage and insurance, you will instead need a bill of sale that includes the date of sale; names of both the buyer and the seller; and the year, make and model of the vehicle.

To register a trailer or boat, bring your old registration.  Remember, you should register your boat in the town where you reside, not where the boat is moored.

The Tax Collector can also handle applications for real estate Tax Exemptions.

When do I need to see the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO)?

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for assuring that Land Use Ordinance regulations are not violated. The CEO will issue written notice to land owners when there is such a violation.

The CEO advises the Planning Board regarding Site Plan Reviews for applications submitted to the Planning Board for their approval.

The CEO issues Building, Plumbing and Blasting Permits.

What does the Road Commissioner do?

The Road Commissioner is in charge of maintaining and repairing the roads. In general, residents would speak with the Selectboard if they have a concern about a road. They, in turn, would work with the Road Commissioner to resolve the problem.

The Road Commissioner advises the Planning Board regarding a Site Plan Review for applications submitted for their approval.

Besides reporting a fire, when should I contact the Fire Department?

The Fire Department issues Burning Permits and decides when it is safe to burn brush piles, debris, and agricultural burns.

The Fire Chief will inspect proposed fireworks display sites, after the Maine Commissioner of Public Safety issues a permit for the display. Refer to the Fireworks Ordinance for further information.

The Fire Department may also advise the Planning Board regarding a Site Plan Review for applications submitted for their approval.

How do I…

How do I pay property taxes?

Reminders about due dates for Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes will be posted as notices on the website, and will be noted on the website calendar. Tax bills are mailed early in the summer, after the Annual Town Meeting (May) establishes the budget, and are currently due by October 31st of the year. Payment may be mailed, or delivered in person to the Tax Collector at the Town Hall during regular office hours.

Can I register my boat or vehicle at the Town Hall?

You may register these with the Tax Collector at the Town Hall during regular office hours. Click here for more information.

What about dog licenses: Can I get those at the Town Hall?

Dog licenses are due annually. You may obtain them from the Town Clerk, who will need proof of rabies vaccination in order to issue them.

Whom should I see If I want to construct an addition or new building on, or change the use of, my land?

The Code Enforcement Officer issues Building Permits for new buildings and additions. He will be able to tell you if you need Planning Board approval for a change of use, commercial use, subdivision or construction in the shoreland zone.

Some information you can gather to help the CEO answer your questions will include your address, the size of your land, and what you wish to do. Refer to Regulations & Ordinances and the Forms & Applications for further detail. 

Can I burn brush or wood debris on my land?

You will need a Burning Permit before you undertake any brush burning on your property. In addition to the Permit, you must check with the Fire Chief, who will let you know when it is safe to start a burn.