How’s Your Internet Connection???

Pass the word! We have a chance to get improved Internet service in poorly served areas of Edgecomb, but we need your help. Please take a few minutes to complete a survey, for businesses or residential (“community”) users, so we can add accurate data to our town’s portion of a seven-town regional grant application. The town qualifies as “rural,” a sector currently favored for grants; small, often home-based businesses are a focus, as are residents who lack adequate connection for students or elders who may need health or other services. The surveys are available via online questionnaires (click here for businesses or residential) or in downloadable printable form (Broadband Business Survey or Broadband Community Survey). We’ll also have print copies at the Town Hall. Surveys should be returned before the end of the year, so perhaps do it now, before your holiday plans intrude? Drop them with Ted Hugger at Cod Cove Inn. Thanks!