A New Way of Life

At this time of peril, we are facing the Coronavirus Pandemic which is unlike anything we know. Never before have we faced such a dilemma – giving up our integrated culture of community life and social functioning, for one of physical separation and isolation.

Covid-19 is an insidious disease that we do not control – no consistent testing, treatment nor cure; no vaccine and thus no benefit of mass vaccination. One immediately impactful thing that we have learned is that the power to stop the spread – transmission – is held by us. Transmission of the virus can be stopped by physically separating ourselves, stopping virus exposure from us to others and from others to us. Stop congregate activities, unnecessary outings, going to the work place and in-person social contact. The longer we can separate and temporarily give up physically integrated living the more we take control of our lives and that of our families, friends and communities across the state. We must endure this physical separation/isolation and give up the urge to go out, including eating in restaurants, exercising at the ”Y’ and fitness clubs, going to bars, attending or playing in sport activities  and even religious gatherings. We must follow CDC guidelines; Physical separation, frequent cleanings, frequent & proper hand washing, getting rest, eating good food, reducing drinking and drugs, wearing masks and following the leadership of our state and nation.    

 Be physically separate from and yet be helpful to all who cannot care for themselves by taking care of yourself in this new phenomenon of separation/ isolation. Stay in touch and be productive in new ways  and old alike. Call a neighbor, Face time a friend, be involved with online work and utilize Zoom for families and colleagues to communicate about our lives. We are learning about our ability to be patient and resilient so that we may continue in this way of life for the time being. We may reflect that gains are being made over the Pandemic Coronavirus by our efforts. Thus we have our goal to separate physically and stay in touch otherwise knowing that we are helping to defeat this disease. In time, Covid -19 will subside. As history has shown, when faced with a new challenge we prevail. Covid- 19 is a novel and difficult disease that will leave a changed culture -  community, state and nation.     

We are fortunate to live in Edgecomb which is our home by which we validate that we are not alone but are caring for one another. We will resolve to remain physically separate, wearing masks, and conform to this new culture -being physically distant yet committed to being together in spirit, endeavor and behavior. Continue to be brave, be encouraged and be committed to your family and, ultimately, to your community in this lifestyle. Thank you for being there as so needed to defeat this Pandemic and begin our new lives. It has been my privilege to see our community struggle yet know that we are gaining control by our resolve and present existence. 

Jack Sarmanian
Selectboard Chairman