Eben Blaney Furniture
96 Eddy Rd, Edgecomb

E-mail: eben@ebenblaney.com
Tel: (207) 882-4208
Website: ebenblaney.com

I design my furniture to be relatively spare, yet elegant and useful. My design process involves a great deal of subtraction–paring away excess mass or unnecessary elements that don’t complement or serve the main thrust, dramatic gesture or function of the piece. The resulting structures are angular, some rectilinear, some with gentle curves.

Jeff Koopus Furniture
132 Cross Point Rd, Edgecomb

Website: jskoopus.com

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-5 (& by appt.)

Peter Brown Blacksmithing
Route 27, Edgecomb

Sweeney Ridge
186 River Rd, Edgecomb

Website: sweeneyridge.com

Original Sweeney Ridge Designs are accomplished by the artist Mary Sweeney Underwood and her husband John - the metalsmith.

The designs of Sweeney Ridge are known for their realistic style, graceful images and are reminders of visits to Maine. The last few years the decorative metal artwork has included 150 breeds of dogs. Their current project is the “My Heart Is In Maine” series which are miniature paintings in folkart of Maine lighhtouses.