Eddy School Yard Sale

Yard sale for ALL – come browse what your neighbors are offering, or rent your own table for $10 ( these proceeds go toward the 6th Grade Boston Trip) and unload your white elephants! Saturday, May 25th, 8am to 12 noon. Contact Judy Reid at the school to reserve a table: 882-5515 or jreid@aos98schools.org. See you there!

Annual Town Meeting

Edgecomb’s Annual Town Meeting will convene at the Town Hall at 10a.m. on Saturday, May 18th.  Election of Town Officials will be held on Friday, May 17th, from 1p.m. to 7p.m. See the Articles of the 2019 Town Warrant posted online.

Eddy School Spaghetti Supper & Raffle

Join the Eddy School Community April 25th, 5:00-7:30pm, for their fundraiser to build an exciting new playground! A evening of fun, spaghetti, and a silent auction and raffle. See the April Eddy School Newsletter for details, pictures and a list of over 50 great prizes donated by local merchants, businesses, and families.

Presentation of 2019-2020 Budget

The Budget Committee will present and moderate a discussion of the Proposed 2019-2020 Budget. The Selectboard and Heads of all Town Committees and Departments, as well as the School Committee, have been invited to come, present and explain their projected income and expenses. This is a chance for townspeople to ask questions and comment, BEFORE the Annual Town Meeting. Edgecomb Town Hall, 6:30 PM.

New Firetruck Progress

Chief Potter told the Selectboard the Edgecomb’s new Fire Truck will be delivered March 11, ahead of schedule.  Built to the town’s specifications, it will be capable of accessing our most challenging driveways and remote structures. This represents a successful and cooperative effort of many in the town to improve our emergency service fleet!

Please Post Street Numbers

The Fire Chief reminds us to post our 911 street address numbers prominently at/ near the road. All emergency services depend on these to save valuable time when they are called.

Dog Registration

Reminder: It’s time to register your dog. Please see the Town Clerk during the Town Hall business hours. You should register your dog before the end of the year; however, no penalty fees will be assessed until after January 31st.

How’s Your Internet Connection???

Pass the word! We have a chance to get improved Internet service in poorly served areas of Edgecomb, but we need your help. Please take a few minutes to complete a survey, for businesses or residential (“community”) users, so we can add accurate data to our town’s portion of a seven-town regional grant application. The town qualifies as “rural,” a sector currently favored for grants; small, often home-based businesses are a focus, as are residents who lack adequate connection for students or elders who may need health or other services. The surveys are available via online questionnaires (click here for businesses or residential) or in downloadable printable form (Broadband Business Survey or Broadband Community Survey). We’ll also have print copies at the Town Hall. Surveys should be returned before the end of the year, so perhaps do it now, before your holiday plans intrude? Drop them with Ted Hugger at Cod Cove Inn. Thanks!

Notice of Sale of Tax Acquired Property

The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Edgecomb, Maine is accepting bids for the purchase of the municipality’s interest in a 3.03 acre parcel of tax-acquired property. The parcel is described on the Town Tax Map as: Map R5, Lot 8.1, also known as portion of the “Lallis Property;” the minimum bid is $27,500.00.

All bids must be received in the Edgecomb Town Clerk’s office no later than five o’clock p.m. on Monday, December 10, 2018. Late bids will not be opened or considered. Each bid must be received in writing and in a sealed envelope marked “Tax-Acquired Property Bid” on the outside, and must include a minimum deposit of 10% of the bid price.

Copies of the complete, official Notice of Sale are available at the Edgecomb Town Hall during posted business hours, or online here: Notice to Sell