Blue Tin Farm
283 Cross Point Road, Edgecomb

E-mail: bluetinfarm@gmail.com
Website: bluetinfarm.com

This is a Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat farm and creamery. We make goat milk soap and lotion as well as fresh chèvre from spring to fall. This (2023) is our 10th year.

Glidden Point Oyster Farm logo
Glidden Point Oyster Farms
637 River Road, Edgecomb

E-mail: farmstore@gliddenpoint.com
Tel: (207) 315-7066
Website: gliddenpoint.com

Our farm was established in 1987 by the work of a dedicated marine biologist who believed that the only way to grow an oyster was to grow a great one. It took many years of trial and error, but by obtaining some of the most ideal growing areas on the Damariscotta River it appears she discovered the simple formula:
Place + Practice = a premium oyster.
We believe that doing something for the love of the product is what matters most. Today we continue this tireless pursuit of perfection.

Green Acre Tree Farm logo
Green Acre Tree Farm
663 Boothbay Rd, Edgecomb

Tel: (207) 882-6063 or
       (207) 350-1311
Facebook: Green Acre Tree Farm

Green Acre Tree Farm is a choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm established in 1980.

Scully Sea Products logo
Scully Sea Products
707 River Road, Edgecomb

E-mail: scullyseaproducts@gmail.com
Tel: (207) 633-3599
Website: scullyseaproducts.com

A quaint specialty seafood market featuring locally grown oysters, select live lobsters, local clams, shucking tools, and gift items. Well worth the 4-mile drive down the picturesque River Road. With picnic tables and tools to shuck a few oysters for yourself.

Sunset Hill Farm
98 Cross Point Rd, Edgecomb

E-mail: sunsethillfarmmaine@gmail.com
Tel: (978) 514-1684 or
(978) 660-7569
Facebook: Sunset Hill Farm