Trail Etiquette – Please Share the Trail!    

* Use only existing trails - never take shortcuts or make new trails.

* Take only pictures. Leave no tracks. Pack out more that you bring in.

* Do not litter.

* Clear all horse manure and dog piles off the trail.

* Do not ride wet trails when your horse or bike will leave holes or ruts.

* Respect cross-country ski tracks by avoiding snow-covered ski trails.

* Be aware of hunters during hunting seasons.

Schmid Preserve is  multi-use property. Please respect others on the trails — hikers, runners, mountain bikers, equestrians, hunters and nature lovers share this beautiful space. Horses and people focused on quiet strolls are easily startled and may not hear you approach: slow down when you encounter them. Ask equestrians if it is safe to pass; your voice will alert the horse to your presence and may help prevent a dangerous situation.

Schmid Preserve is maintained by volunteers. You can help keep it open and safe by reporting (click here to report) any fallen trees on the trails, any litter sites, or signs of inappropriate use. Volunteer to help with trail maintenance and clean-up days. It is a small price to pay for the privilege of using the Schmid Preserve. Your effort will be noticed, appreciated, and go a long way toward making your group welcome visitors.

The Charles and Constance Schmid Land Preserve Advisory Committee oversees the maintenance and management of the Schmid Preserve in conjunction with the management plan. It monitors the recommendations of the plan, provides oversight and advice to stewardship volunteers, develops funding through grants or budget requests and makes recommendations to the Select Board Trustees relative to the preserve management.