Select Board Meeting COVID-19 Interim Policy

Until further notice, the Edgecomb Select Board meetings will be held via video conference on the normal Select Board meeting schedule.  Participation will be limited to Select Board members and other select town officials. For the interim, Select Board meetings will be closed to public comment. Meeting agendas will be posted on the Town Website prior to meeting dates; minutes and reports will be posted within 14 business days. Individuals with questions or comments may submit them to the Select Board via email.

The Select Board is the executive branch of the town government, with three members elected to staggered three-year terms. The board usually meets every second Monday in a public meeting to conduct the town’s business, settling questions with a formal vote. The Select Board provides leadership for the town, establishes town policy, oversees the town’s fiscal and administrative responsibilities, prepares and presents the annual town warrant at the annual Town Meeting for citizen approval, which helps determine the direction of the Town.

The Select Board also represents the town in various regional and state issues; appoints administrative employees; and appoints and/or terminates members to various town committees and boards, except for those positions required by law to be elected. The Select Board also serves as Overseer of the Poor, serves as Assessors of the town or appoints a certified municipal assessor, and encourages volunteerism to the benefit of the town and its residents.

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